This policy consists of equality of opportunity and treatment in access to education.

JAHAS-RockSchool Porto values social and cultural diversity and aims to ensure that students have a positive experience while studying with us.

A JAHAS - RockSchool Porto is committed to:

• Promoting equality;

• Promoting social cohesion and building community.

• Respecting the dignity of all people who visit, study and work with us;

• Providing conditions which encourage everyone to participate, progress and achieve in their learning;

• Actively challenging unacceptable actions and behaviours such as harassment, or bullying;

The Equality Act 93/2017 of 23 August of the Portuguese Republic establishes the legal regime for the prevention, prohibition and the fight against discrimination.

Commitments to equality, according to the Law, will be applied regardless of descent, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, family status, genetic heritage, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, territory of origin, language, race, education, economic situation, social

origin or condition, political or ideological beliefs.

The law of equality can be consulted in the Diário da República Electrônico (DRE) through the link:

All learners who consider that they have been discriminated against should contact, in the first instance, the School Principal who will be able to help you resolve the issue informally or offer guidance for taking the matter to the formal stage. Formal complaints should be addressed to within 30 calendar days through the Complaints Form.

All JAHAS-RockSchool Porto users will uphold the principles of the Equal Opportunities Policy.

JAHAS-RockSchool Porto will challenge all discrimination and will not hesitate to invoke its disciplinary procedures

Complaints Form